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Automatically Display Data in Microsoft Excel (optional)

Automatically chart any data set generated by SanitSmart in Excel with a couple of mouse clicks and almost no effort. This feature comes free with SanitSmart. Imagine what you can do with thi data once its in Excel. Analyze it further, change the chart type, edit the default title that SanitSmart gave it, email it to an associate, save it as a web page and post it on your company intranet. The possibilities are virtually endless. To use this feature simply go to the configuration screen and ask SanitSmart to check if Excel is on your computer. This only needs to be done one time. SanitSmart tells you whether or not you have a compatible version of Excel (97 or 2000+).

Of course SanitSmart performs beautifully without Excel and has its own charts as well.

Imagine the possibilities....