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Drag and Drop cleaning Assignments

SanitSmart uses a unique drag and drop interface to aid you in adding or moving cleaning tasks to various equipment items or moving entire equipment cleaning task lists to new work area assignments (with SanitSmart equipment items may be grouped to form a work area . Typically a work area is a contiguous group of equipment items maintained by one individual maintenance engineer).

The above screen-shot shows a cleaning task "CheckMotor Stater(s) - 30" being dragged from Moulder #1 onto the Moulder #2. The "30" in the task being dragged is the cleaning task interval. The 00401 number in front of the task is a task identifier that is used internally by SanitSmart. You never need to concern yourself with remembering these numbers. This screen was included with machine reliability analysis screens to make it easier to adjust task lists as evidenced by analysis techniques performed on this same screen under a different tab (for example the "Machine Reliability" tab at the far left). Cleaning task list creation is typically initially set up in the task configuration section of SanitSmart.

SanitSmart uses shortcuts and graphical features such as drag and drop to help save you time and effort. SanitSmart pays for itself very quickly in so many different ways!