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Determines Actual 'Cost to Own' Each Equipment Item

Want to know how much an equipment item is costing you to own and maintain during a specified date period? No problem! SanitSmart itemizes the cost of janitor labor used during break down repairs, manufacturing lost time (labor expense) if any, cleaning maintenance labor expense, work order labor expense and spare parts expense. Next these costs are rolled into one number then looked at as a per calendar day expense, and a user defined incremental cost of producing a unit of product, whatever that may be.

By knowing the actual real cost to clean an equipment item you may make informed decisions when it comes time to purchase new equipment. You may determine that it's cost effective to hire additional personnel to service equipment. Conversely you may determine that you currently have excess personnel for the job and need to reallocate labor resources. See if you can think of other reasons how your company can profit from this poerful SanitSmart feature!

SanitSmart quantifies expenses associated with equipment items in a matter of seconds with little or no effort!