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Cleaning Management and Analysis.

SanitSmart handles work orders (planned work that is not part of a cleaning maintenence task list) seperately from cleaning maintenance task lists. This means you have the functionality of both of these features. Most other cleaning management systems' call all work "work orders". By keeping these two different work functions seperate SanitSmart is better able to identify where resources are being used and why. Work orders may evolve from work requests into active, cancelled or completed work orders. Once a work order is completed it becomes available to SanitSmart's analysis functions. Need to know how much money is being used for parts and labor for work orders on a particulat equipment item or group of equipment items? No problem! SanitSmart answers this question in milliseconds with very little effort.

Two different work order formats are available and detailed instructions (up to 2 GB) may be attached to each work order. Analyze work orders (illustrated above) with one of 15 different methods then email, save, or post the report to your company intranet as a web page! Is there another cleaning management system out there that provides even a fraction of this functionality?

SanitSmart provides an accurate accounting of ALL expenses associated with an equipment item.

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