Inventory Tree View - Drag and Drop Parts Requisitions.

SanitSmart's drag and drop interface proves that indeed a "picture is worth a thousand words". All below minimum stock items are marked as red bolts. Simply left mouse-click any item and drag it to the box on the right. The cost of this requisition is automatically updated using the required quantity to bring this item up to minimum stock level. This quantity may be easily adjusted as well.

By associating spare parts with their prospective equipment item (in this case "004 Bulk Flour Sifter") or a generic part group (for example "Bolts, Wire, Belts, Lights, etc") it becomes very fast and simple to locate parts within SanitSmart.

Does any other cleaning management system vendor provide this functionality? Answer: No.

How much easier could it be to display your entire inventory and create spare part requisitions?

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