Inventory/Purchasing and Part Usage Management and Analysis.

SanitSmart provides 15 different ways to analyze inventory and purchasing. Most of these analysis functions also provide countless ways to filter the analysis scenario. Need to know how many spare part items need to be purchased from each vendor to bring stock levels up to minimum stock? How about maximum stock? SanitSmart provides this in seconds along with the total cost of each item. This report may then be saved in any number of different formays including MS Word, MS Excel, HTML or exported to a database even emailed from without ever leaving SanitSmart!

All of this is provided with SanitSmart in a simple, consistant, easy to use interface. There are no additional modules to purchase with SanitSmart. It is fully self-contained.

SanitSmart provides analysis and countless reports that you can really use to improve your sanitation operation.

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